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Aberdeenshire Council recognises the following equality characteristics which are protected under The Equality Act 2010 – race (includes GypsyTravellers), sexual orientation, sex (gender), disability, gender reassignment, age, religion or belief, pregnancy and maternity, and marriage and civil partnership.


If Aberdeenshire Council is a stick of rock, Equalities must run through the length of the rock. In other words Equalities are a key component of our work and not an after thought. We are building an equalities perspective into every part of our work here at Aberdeenshire Council.


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On 25th April 2013 Aberdeenshire Council approved the Aberdeenshire Equalities Mainstreaming Report and the Equality Outcomes. On 29th April 2013 the three Aberdeenshire Licensing Boards approved the report. On the 23rd May 2013 the Aberdeenshire Education, Learning and Leisure Committee also approved the report. The full text can be accessed here.

Equalities Team Information and Contact Details.

The Equalities Team provide advice, support and guidance in relation to equality matters. The aim is to improve services and access to services for everyone in Aberdeenshire. The team works across the Council and with partners to ensure the Council delivers inclusive services, which meet the needs of our diverse communities. For more information, or if you have any questions or queries please contact:-

Equalities Team
Aberdeenshire Council
Corporate Services
Customer Communication and Improvement
Woodhill House
Westburn Road, Aberdeen
AB16 5GB
Telephone: 01224 664110

Alternative Language or Format

If you require any information in an alternative language or format ( e.g. hard copy, large print) or as a Word document for use with spoken text software, please contact the Equalities Team on 01224 664110.

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