Local Housing Allowance for 2016/17

The table below shows the Local Housing Allowance rates for Aberdeenshire. This is the maximum weekly amount of housing benefit available if you live in private rented accommodation. The amount you get may be less depending on your income, and the number of bedrooms you are allowed depends on who lives with you. If you are under 35 and living alone, the maximum amount you can get is for shared facilities.

Please note - these figures do not apply if you live in a council or housing association property.

 Valid from

April 2016 - March 2017


AB10 - AB36, AB39,

AB41 - AB54



DD9 - DD10



AB55 - AB56

 Shared facilities







 1 Bedroom







 2 Bedrooms







 3 Bedrooms







 4 or more Bedrooms








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