Report a Change

Notifying a Change of Ratepayer

If you are to become responsible, or are no longer responsible for a Business Rates subject within the Aberdeenshire area, or if you are a landlord of a property and want to report a tenant either moving into, or out of, a property you rent out, tell us of the change by:

Other Changes in Circumstances

Examples of changes that should be reported are as follows:

  • A property that is subject to Empty Property Relief has now been occupied
  • A reduction has been awarded under the Small Business Bonus Scheme, but there has been a change to the combined Rateable Value of properties for which you are responsible
  • A reduction has been awarded under a Mandatory and/or Discretionary relief scheme and there has been a change in your constitution or the level of funds held by you has increased significantly since your original application.

Alternatively, you can report any change in circumstances by contacting a member of the Business Rates Team

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