Europe and Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council is actively involved in European affairs ensuring the interests of Aberdeenshire are protected and promoted. The Economic Development European Unit endeavours to take advantage of the opportunities available from the EU for the development of the area and to further promote the regions profile in Europe.

The European Unit is primarily involved in securing European funding, and in monitoring and responding to developments in the EU that may impact on the Council.

Aberdeenshire Council's European Engagement Approach 2012-17 sets out our plan to ensure that the benefits of EU membership can be fully exploited and benefit Aberdeenshire


There are a large number of European Union funding programmes open to business, communities and public bodies throughout Aberdeenshire.  Aberdeenshire Council’s European Team applies for European funding for projects and also supports the management and administration of European grants. The team also supports the management and administration of the following European funding programmes which communities, businesses and organisations can apply to:

LEADER Rural Development Programme

European Maritime & Fisheries Fund

European Social Fund

Aberdeenshire Council also administers the Oil and Gas Technology Centre Support for Research and Innovation scheme through the EU’s State aid General Block exemption scheme.


Policy and External Groups

The policies of the European Union play a vital role in the operation of Aberdeenshire Council. A substantial part of the legislative framework governing the Council is developed at a European level so it is important that the Council is aware of and involved in this process. The European Unit participates in a number of European groups to keep track of developments in Europe to ensure the best outcome for the area. The key groups are the East of Scotland European Consortium (ESEC), Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), and the North Sea Commission (NSC).

To find out more about Aberdeenshire Council involvement in these groups please see:

Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR)
North Sea Commission (NSC)
East of Scotland European Consortium (ESEC)

European Union membership also offers a range of opportunities for Aberdeenshire businesses. For further details, please see:
Europe and Business


Team Manager European Policy and Programmes


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