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Child protection


What would you do if you thought a child was at risk or being abused?


Woman Holding a Child's HandProtecting children is the responsibility of every member of the community, not just child protection services.

Remember – if you suspect abuse, do not rely on someone else to notice.

If you would like to speak to someone, seek help or pass on information or concerns:

  • you can also contact the Police at any time on 101


Do not worry about being wrong: you may only know one part of the story. Other people may know more and your action could be the key to ending a child’s suffering.

Boy On SwingSigns of abuse can range from poor personal hygiene and hunger to unexplained injuries or self-harm.

If a young person tells you they are being abused:

  • stay calm and listen to them
  • never promise to keep it a secret – tell them you must let someone else know
  • remind them that they are not to blame and are doing the right thing
  • report it, but leave any investigation to child protection agencies


Protecting Aberdeenshire's children is everyone’s business


The Aberdeenshire Child and Family Protection Committee is responsible for child protection and domestic abuse arrangements in Aberdeenshire.

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