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Fostering in Aberdeenshire



Why do we need foster carers in Aberdeenshire?

Children come into foster care for various reasons, but mainly for their own health and safety. Sometimes there are problems at home and breakdowns in family relationships. Some children may be neglected or abused in other ways. There may have been a sudden family illness and there are no other relatives available to help out.

At any one time in Aberdeenshire there are a number of children, ranging from babies to teenagers, who are unable to stay with their own families and who need a place to call home.

Sometimes care is needed at short notice when there is a crisis situation, or for just a few days or weeks. Sometimes a child needs a home for a few months, or even years. As well as these types of fostering carers are also needed to offer regular weekend and/or holiday respite care.

Foster carers provide safe, healthy and secure homes for these children until their own families are able to care for them again.

Sometimes, however, it will not be possible for a child to ever live with their family again and they will remain in need of permanent care until they can live independently. Foster carers provide all aspects of care and everything a child will need to help them grow up and develop into adulthood.

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Our fostering service

child's shoesOur social work service helps families care for their children at home. However, for a variety of reasons, this is not always possible so we need to recruit and train foster carers and support them in providing suitable care for children who need it. Our aim is to deliver a high quality fostering service that will provide good outcomes for children who are fostered.

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