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Foster family group with teenagers walking their dog in the countrysideFostering in Aberdeenshire
Learn why we need foster carers in Aberdeenshire.Find out about the different types of fostering, includes information on private fostering.


Male and female foster carersBecoming a Foster Carer
Find out who foster carers are and what they do. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer this section will tell you what is involved and how to start.


Scottish Pound NotesAllowances and Payments
Learn more about the weekly fostering allowance and skills payments which are paid to foster carers.


Female foster carers with a foster caring training certificateSupport and training
Find out about the support and training available to you as a foster carer in Aberdeenshire.


Group of teenagers with an ipadFoster Children
Information about being in foster care and who can help you.


Group of children wavingChildren of Foster Carers
Information about how it will affect you if your parents are foster carers or thinking about becoming foster carers.

Fostering teamContact Us
Find out about the different ways we can be contacted.