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Aberdeenshire Council - 10/02/2011

Meeting Details

Meeting Aberdeenshire Council
Date and Time 10/02/2011 10:15
Location Woodhill House 
Council Chambers


Minute of meeting of 10 February 2011 (pdf 40KB)


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1. Revenue Budget 2011-2015

Report by Head of Finance

Report for item 1 (pdf 79KB)
Additional document 1 for item 1 (pdf 24KB)

2. Housing Revenue Account Budget 2011-2014 Setting of Rents and Miscellaneous/Other Charges 2011-2014 Setting of Charge for Greenbanks Caravan Site (General Fund) 2011-2012

Joint Report by Director of Housing and Social Work and Head of Finance

Report for item 2 (pdf 26KB)
Additional document 1 for item 2 (pdf 23KB)
Additional document 2 for item 2 (pdf 13KB)


For further information about any meeting please email committee.services@aberdeenshire.gov.uk