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Local Review Body - 28/07/2011

Meeting Details

Meeting Local Review Body
Date and Time 28/07/2011 14:00
Location Woodhill House 
Committee Room No. 1


Minute to follow


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1. LRB 61 - Notice of Review Against Refusal of Planning Permission in Principle for Erection of Dwellinghouse and Sub-Division of Feu at Arbor Lodge, Provost Craig Road, Ballater - Ref M/APP/2010/2846

Planning Application reference - M/APP/2010/2846

2. LRB 77 - Notice of Review Against Refusal of Full Planning Permission for Conversion of Steading to form a Dwellinghouse to the North of Ferniehowe Cottage, Dinnet, Aboyne - Ref M/APP/2010/3024

Planning Application reference - M/APP/2010/3024

3. LRB 78 - Notice of Review Against Full Planning Permission for Change of Use of Disused Agricultural Land to Five Permanent Gypsy/Traveller Pitches with Access, Parking, Toilet and Laundry Facilities on Land Adjacent to Dunnlay Heights, Portlethen, Aberdeen, AB12 4RL - Ref KM/APP/2010/1203

Planning Application reference - KM/APP/2010/1203

4. LRB 79 - Notice of Review Against Full Planning Permission for Demolition of Existing Cottage and Erection of Replacement Dwellinghouse including Feu Split at Ellwood Cottage, 28 Victoria Road, Ballater - Ref M/APP/2010/3092

Planning Application reference - M/APP/2010/3092

5. LRB 87 - Notice of Review Against Full Planning Permission for Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse at The Steading, Burnside of Carnie, Skene, Westhill - Ref G/APP/2011/0724

Planning Application reference - G/APP/2011/0724


For further information about any meeting please email committee.services@aberdeenshire.gov.uk