A Guide For Managers

This revised document replaces the one issued in September 2011 and takes on board amendments to the Community Asset Transfer Policy as agreed by the Business Services Committee in April 2013 as well as lessons learnt in implementing the policy since it was first introduced in June 2011.

The purpose of this guidance is to assist managers across the Council who may be involved in the community asset transfer process or who may receive queries about this from employees, residents or voluntary and community groups.

The Community Asset Transfer Policy supports the Council’s Community Engagement Strategy and its commitment to capacity building. It recognises that community groups across Aberdeenshire are at different stages of maturity and gives a commitment to promoting transfer options through awareness raising, outreach and support. Officers from a wide range of services are actively working with groups to build capacity and to provide them with the confidence and skills to take on the management of an asset.

The aim of the guidance is to explain to Managers and other employees of the Council with a responsibility for Council assets or  those who work with community groups what the CAT policy is, the scope of the policy and how VCOs can apply to take over responsibility for an asset under the policy.

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