Community Asset Transfer

Welcome to the Community Asset Transfer Section on Aberdeenshire Council's Website. In this section you will find details of the Council's policy on Community Asset Transfer, guidance documents and application forms. You will also find links to other useful sources of information on asset transfer.


What is Community Asset Transfer?

Community asset transfer involves the transfer of responsibility for an asset from the Council to a Voluntary or Community Organisation. This can be carried out either through short or long term lease arrangements or through the transfer of outright ownership.

Community Asset Transfer can deliver a wide range of benefits both to the local community and to the VCO itself. These benefits include:-

  • Contributing towards the regeneration of communities;
  • Providing opportunities to extend the use of a building or the piece of land, so ensuring more effective and more intensive use of local resources.
  • Stimulating the involvement of local people in shaping and regenerating their communities.
  • Generating long term sustainable revenue streams for VCOs making them more sustainable;
  • Providing local people with a meaningful stake in the future development of the place in which they live and/or work;
  • Be used as leverage to draw in new finance and expand the level of community activity;
  • Provide opportunities for the creation of new partnerships with access to resources not available to the Council.

Update On Changes To The Policy

Aberdeenshire Council first launched its Community Transfer Policy in June 2011. Since that date a number of voluntary and community groups have shown interest in acquiring assets from the Council in order to deliver benefits to their local communities and a number of transfers have gone through.

In April 2013 following consideration of the lessons learnt to date in dealing with requests for transfer the Business Services Committee of the Council agreed to make a number of changes to the policy. These changes are summarised below:-

Asset Held On The Common Good:- the Council will not seek to recover the costs of Common Good Orders; 

On- going revenue support –the Council will consider transferring management responsibility for an asset to a community group whilst maintaining some revenue funding in support of its operation where there is merit in doing so. It will be up to the VCO to demonstrate the case for doing so.”

Assets not suitable for transfer – the revised policy clarifies when an asset may be unsuitable for transfer.

Transfers below market value – the policy sets out how the Council will calculate any discount on market value.

Appeals Process – the policy has been amended to explain how a VCO can appeal against decisions made at Stage 1 and Stage 2 in the CAT process. 

Recovery of costs – the Council will not seek to recover the costs of transfer from the VCO and in certain circumstances may help them with their costs.

Investment in the asset prior to transfer – in certain circumstances the Council may consider investing in an asset prior to transfer to ensure that it is fit for immediate use once the process has been completed.

View the Community Asset Transfer Policy (pdf 177KB).

The attached guidance for voluntary and community groups explains the application process and how the Council will assess each application. 

The attached guidance for managers will assist managers involved in the asset management process or will help them deal with queries from their staff with regards community asset transfer.

A two stage application process has been put in place and organisations wishing to formally apply for an asset should complete the Stage 1 application form. If their application is considered suitable the organisation will then be invited to complete a Stage 2 application form which will require a detailed business plan for the asset to be submitted. Both application forms can be found here.

Asset List

We collated a register of our assets that we own.

View the Asset List (xls 480KB).


For more information about Community Asset Transfer in your area or to apply for an asset please contact your local Area Manager:-

Kincardine and Mearn
William Munro
Area Manager
Arduthie Road
AB39 2DQ

Janelle Clark
Area Manager
Alford Area Office
School Road
AB33 8TY

Elaine Brown
Area Manger
Formartine Area Office
29 Bridge Street
AB41 9AA

Margaret-Jane Cardno 
Temporary Area Manager
Gordon House
Blackhall Road
AB51 3WA


Chris White
Area Manager
Arbuthnot House
AB42 1DA

Banff and Buchan
Margaret-Jane Cardno
Area Manager
Town House
34 Low Street
AB45 1AY


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