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Community Planning

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Our Aberdeenshire is your Aberdeenshire!

Community Planning is a way of working in which major providers of public and voluntary services in our area, work together with our communities to deliver better services. 

Our standalone website - www.ouraberdeenshire.org.uk - provides a source of information for anyone interested in community planning. This includes the detail of the partners involved, the partnership structure and relevant documents, minutes of meetings and links to websites. It showcases community planning as a way of working and over time will highlight examples of best practice throughout Aberdeenshire.

Examples of what you can find out about

Partnership working brings many benefits. Organisations gain shared understanding of local issues and they can work together to deliver solutions without duplication of effort. The inclusion of community partners means that better solutions can be reached and delivered in the way that best suits communities.

Please contact our team by phoning (01224) 664316, or email: communityplanning@ouraberdeenshire.org.uk.