Single Outcome Agreement, Council and Service Plans and Reports

This section of our website contains some of the plans and reports that help guide the council's main priorities. The Council Plan and strategic priorities set out the overall direction of the council. They are updated every four years after the main council election. It is informed by our community plan, which sets out how we work with our main partners and Aberdeenshire's communities, and our overall vision.

Single Outcome Agreement

The Aberdeenshire community planning partnership's Single Outcome Agreement with the Scottish Government builds on the council's strategic priorities and community plan. It sets out how the council and the Aberdeenshire community planning partnership will contribute to the government's national outcomes. It arises from the Concordat signed between the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and the Scottish Government.

Each service of the council has its own service report which says what the priorities of that service area. The aspirations of the council's six area committees are set out in their local community plan.

We publish report that include the council's annual accounts, a statutory document we have to produce each year, and investigations of the council's Audit Committee. You can find the council's annual public performance report in the performance section along with a lot more information about performance.

Other plans and reports about individual services of the council can be found in relevant sections across the website.

Council Plan

The Council Plan 2013-2017 (pdf 2.2mb) sets out how we will deliver our vision over the four years to March 2017, highlighting our three main priorities: growing Aberdeenshire’s economy, managing demographic change and ensuring early intervention as well as identifying the priority outcomes that will guide service delivery.

Service Plans

Each service prepares a three year service plan, supporting the Council Plan, which identifies the key objectives for the service and the priorities for service delivery over the three year period. Services plans are approved by the relevant policy committee and performance associated with the plan is monitored by the policy committee on a quarterly basis. The performance reports for each service plan can be accessed in the Performance section.

View our service plans:

Risk Registers

The council has a Corporate Risk Register and Directorate Risk Registers:

Local Community Plans

Each of the six areas has produced a Local Community Plan for the next four years. These will be updated on a regular basis and can be found on the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership web site.

Corporate Asset Management Plan

This, the Councils second, Corporate Asset Management Plan has been developed in line with “A Guide to Asset Management and Capital Planning in Local Authorities” published by CIPFA. This overreaching document summarises Services asset based Strategies which sit below and inform this Corporate Asset Management Plan.

This Corporate Asset Management Plan also outlines the Councils approach to Asset Management and how this links with the Single Outcome Agreement, the Aberdeenshire Community Plan, and its five community planning themes, and Strategic Priorities which set a clear direction for the Council in ensuring that resources are appropriately and effectively utilised.

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