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Moving House

Depending on the valuation band of the house you are moving in to, you may pay less Council Tax. Please tell us as soon as possible so that we can send you a correct bill, or issue a refund if you have overpaid.

The sooner you tell us about moving, the more time you have to pay your bill

When moving you can either contact your Council Tax Team to report your change of address and the appropriate information will be taken ‘over the telephone’ or complete the Change of Address Form below.

Either way, the information you provide will allow us to update your account in a prompt and accurate manner.

Even if you are moving outwith the Aberdeenshire Council area you still must notify us. This is so that we can send any refund that may be due to you, to your new address or to allow us to send a revised bill for any outstanding amounts.

You must provide as much information as possible about:

  • who has bought your property
  • the Landlord/Leasing Agent you are renting the property from
  • if you are moving into a property, the previous owners of the property

Providing this information will help us to:

  • process your change quicker
  • ensure we have the correct information on your Council Tax Bill