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Who Pays

Person(s)Named on the Bill:

The person or people named on the front of the bill is/are responsible for paying the Council Tax for the property. This will be the person who falls into the first category that applies in the following list:

  1. Someone who owns the property and lives in it
  2. A tenant living in the property
  3. A sub-tenant living in the property
  4. Anyone else living in the property
  5. The leaseholder
  6. Anyone else with the right to live in the property
  7. The owner, if the property is empty

Two or more Person(s) Jointly Liable:

If there are two or more owners or tenants, they will be jointly responsible for paying the Council Tax, even if we only send the bill to one of them.


  • you have a husband or wife, or you live with someone as if you were married
  • you and someone else are joint owners/tenants of a property

you are both, individually and together, responsible for making sure that your Council Tax is paid in full.

This includes same sex couples who have entered into a Civil Partnership or those who live together as a couple but who have not entered into a Civil Partnership.