Environmental Policy

The Council’s Stance on Climate Change, Pollution and Conservation

A new Environmental Policy for the council sets out ways in which the council will fulfil its commitment to sustainable development and safeguarding the environment, as well as meeting statutory responsibilities laid out in the Climate Change Act.

The policy was signed by Chief Executive Colin Mackenzie and the Council Leader, Councillor Jim Gifford after being approved at a full meeting of Aberdeenshire Council towards the end of last year. It supersedes the Sustainability Charter which expired in 2012 and commits the council to reducing the impact its services and functions have on the environment. This means reducing greenhouse gases emitted in the provision of services, conserving Aberdeenshire’s natural resources and enhancing the region’s bio-diversity.

You can get involved by helping to reduce your use of energy, water and natural resources, following the proper procurement and commissioning process when you’re buying goods and services on behalf of the council, and helping to raise environmental awareness amongst staff, pupils, the public and suppliers and contractors.

Sustainability Charter Annual Reports

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