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Animal Welfare charter

Animal Welfare charter

Aberdeenshire Council believes that it has a moral responsibility for the welfare of all captive and domestic animals, and all wild animals in so far that its activities impinge upon them.

To this end, we have drawn up an Animal Welfare Charter, which is available to download online.


Animal Health

Read our Animal Welfare Charter and find out about responsible dog ownership.

Green Dog WalkersGreen Dog Walkers

Green Dog Walkers is a non-confrontational, friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling in Aberdeenshire


Energy Conservation

Do more for the environment by following our energy saving tips. Opportunities in the workplace, in the home and in schools.


Environmental Protection

Details for contaiminated land, noise pollution, bathing water quality and pest control.



Emergency contacts, flood warnings and the Flood Liaison and Advisory Group.


Food Safety

Food safety officers services, enforcement policies, education, training and local offices.


Green Living

Information on sustainable living, environmental regulations and fair-trade.

potarch bridge

Built Heritage

Information on Aberdeenshire's rich and diverse array of built and cultural heritage. Including conservation areas and listed buildings.

Natural Heritage

Natural Heritage

Nature conservation, landscape studies and water management strategy.


Recycling and Waste

Report, Request, Order and Book. Information on collection times and trade waste.

Aberdeenshire Land Use Strategy Pilot

Aberdeenshire Council is exploring the creation of an aid to rural land use change planning.