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Bervie Braes, Stonehaven - Emergency Alert Plan

The potential exists for landslips on the Bervie Braes, and Aberdeenshire Council has developed the document below which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Council and the assistance it might expect to receive from other agencies depending on the level of alert at the time. The document will be used in conjunction with the Council’s Emergency Planning Policy and Procedures which will be implemented in the event of an actual emergency.


The document sets out the process for identifying the level of alert on the Braes and the action that will be taken. There are five levels of alert ranging from level 0 which is the norm to level 4 when a landslip has occurred.

The current state of alert is Level 0

Technical Reports

The following report, which examines a number of options for stabilising the upper slope, has been prepared by Jacobs UK Ltd, geotechnical specialists, working on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council. The report adopts a risk based approach and assesses the changes in residual risk resulting from the progression of different construction options.