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Green Living

Aberdeenshire SceneryAberdeenshire Council is committed to making Aberdeenshire a better place to live, and we recognise that Aberdeenshire does not stand in isolation, rather the things that we do have wider impacts beyond our boundaries. Photograph courtesy of Ian Doyle

Further information on what Aberdeenshire Council is doing to help tackle climate change and improve sustainability please click on the headings below.

imageBiodiversity Duty
Every public organisation in Scotland is required to provide a report every 3 years which details actions taken to meet the Biodiversity Duty as laid out in the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act (2004).

Environmental Policy
A new Environmental Policy for the council sets out ways in which the council will fulfil its commitment to sustainable development and safeguarding the environment, as well as meeting statutory responsibilities laid out in the Climate Change Act.

handshake and a world mapEnvironmental Information
Every Scottish public authority has a duty to make environmental information available on request.

bulbReduced Use of Resources
There are lots of things that anyone can do to cut down on the resources we use and be more sustainable.

environmentally friendly paper bagBuying Green
How we can be more environmentally friendly when buying goods and services.


logoEncouraging Consultation
The Sustainability Sub Committee considers matters relating to the Council's performance in relation to sustainability and to the wider arena of sustainability.

world with smoke around itReducing Greenhouse Gases
Aberdeenshire Council have a long term goal to significantly reduce the proportion of greenhouse gases by 2050.


group of people North East Scotland Climate Change Partnership (NESCCP)
The NESCCP was launched in May 2008 to share and communicate good practice and identify and facilitate joint projects.

windfarmStrategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) is the environmental assessment of plans, programmes or strategies.

fairtrade logoFairtrade
Fairtrade is a growing movement that gives farmers in developing countries a better price for their products.

ecoschools logo Eco Schools
Eco Schools is an international programme to help raise environmental awareness.


For more information on green living and sustainability contact:

Sustainability Officer

Infrastructure Services
Aberdeenshire Council
Woodhill House
Westburn Road
AB16 5GB

E-mail: green.living@aberdeenshire.gov.uk