Gypsy / Travellers culture

The term ‘Gypsy/Traveller’ refers to several different ethnic groups, including:

  • Scottish Travellers
  • Irish Travellers
  • English Travellers
  • Welsh Travellers
  • Roma/Romany

It doesn’t refer to:

  • Travelling Show People
  • Circus People
  • New Age Travellers

Gypsy/Travellers are a recognised ethnic group.

It’s difficult to give an exact figure of how many Gypsy/Travellers live in Aberdeenshire. Some members of Gypsy/Traveller communities prefer not to self-identify. A study has suggested there are 100 to 200 Gypsy/Travellers living in Aberdeenshire at any one time. The study was done by consultants Craigforth in 2009.

Gypsy/Traveller accommodation

For many Gypsy/Travellers their sole accommodation is a caravan. Some Gypsy/Travellers live in a house over winter and travel in their caravans the rest of the year. Some Gypsy/Travellers live in housing. Not all individuals who identify as being ‘Gypsy/Traveller’ are actively travelling. This may be due to health problems, need for stability and accessing services such as education.

Gypsy/Travellers living on council or privately owned sites or living in council or privately owned housing pay council tax. We can’t charge council tax to Gypsy/Travellers living on unauthorised encampments due to the lack of regulation.

Gypsy/Travellers occupations

Gypsy/Travellers work in a variety of occupations. Popular ones include manual work such as landscaping, laying tarmacadam and agricultural work.

More information

If you have any queries about the Gypsy/Traveller community please contact our Housing service by emailing or calling 01467 534 897.


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