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Repairs and Maintenance

Hand Rollering Paing On A WallWhat are my repair responsibilities as a tenant?
Information on the type of repairs you are responsible for doing.



Keyboard and MouseHow can I report a repair?
Information on how you report a non-emergency repair, the details you should provide and what you need to do before we arrive to fix it.


Female Switchboard Operator Answering CallsEmergency repairs
Information on how to report an emergency repair. Emergency contact numbers.


Keys in the lockWhat if I am a new tenant?
Information on repairs to properties of new tenants.



Close Up of the Side of Stack of Pound CoinsWill I have to pay for any repairs?
Information the repairs that may be charged to you.



Yellow Discs with Pound SignsWill I be charged for work carried out?
Information on the type of repairs we may charge you for.



Spanner And TapDo I always have the right to your repairs service?
Information on when we may restrict our repairs service.



Hand Grabbing Tool BoxWhat is the Right to Repair scheme?
Information on the Right to Repair scheme, what repairs qualify and details of compensation.


Clock With Calender On Clock FaceWhat are the repair categories and timescales?
Information on our repair categories and the time it will take to complete the repairs.


Elderly CoupleVulnerable tenants and repairs
Information on how vulnerable tenants may be able to get their repairs done faster.


New Council HousesWhat are our repair responsibilities as your landlord?
Information on the type of repairs we are responsible for as your landlord.



Communal BlockCommunal / block repairs
Information on how communal / block repairs are dealt with and what we are responsible for.


Gas Cooker RingSafety checks
Information on our annual and ten yearly safety checks.



Supervisor and Foreman Discussing Jobs at Inverurie Repairs DepotUpgrades to your home
Information on our planned maintance and improvements and how this may affect any repairs you report.