Shire Street Sports

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Kenny Gibb at Leisurelend, Inverurie on 01467 535370, 07824518644 or email


What is Street Sport?

The Street Sport units are mobile football arenas designed to be erected on flat areas wherever the need to provide the activity arises. Each measures 10m x 15m and has solid kick board sidings with a high netting surround. There is no floor to the unit. Each is easily erected in about half an hour with 4 strong adults. The Arenas can also be used for other sports and games. Each unit is contained in a box trailer which requires a vehicle capable of towing two and a half tonnes and a driver with a towing licence.


Who is Street Sport for?

The Street Sport Arenas are primarily for use as diversionary activities in areas where young people tend to gather. Decisions on where to place the units and when, are taken by the Community Safety Partnership sub group. Grampian Police are an important partner and sessions will often be run by community policemen though youth workers and sports coaches are often also involved.

Streetsports in Your Area

Day Venue Time Age Group 
TBC Fraserburgh 6.30pm - 8.30pm All
TBC Peterhead 6pm - 8.30pm All
TBC Inverurie 6.30pm - 8.30pm All



Fraser Govan

Active Communities Officer & Programme Manager

Tel: 01569 768355

Mob: 07801 595 424

For further information or to discuss streetsports, please contact Kenny Gibb or Fraser Govan  

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