Library membership conditions

New members are required to read and agree to the following conditions prior to joining the library. Library membership conditions may be changed from time to time by the library service.

  1. Borrowed items will be kept in good condition.
  2. The use of computers should be in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy (pdf 135KB).
  3. There are set loan periods depending on the format of items borrowed, with the due date stamped on the item. It is the responsibility of the library member to ensure that the items are returned to the library on time or renewed.
  4. Renewals can be done in person, by phone to any branch library, online from Spydus site or via the library app 'Spydus Mobile' available from iOS and Android app stores.
  5. Reminders will be issued by electronic means therefore it is important that members provide the library service with their email address and/or phone number.
  6. Responsibility for all charges incurred (for example DVD and CD hire and overdue charges, inter-library loans, lost or damaged membership cards) will be with the library member.
  7. Further borrowing or using the library computers will be stopped if any item is not returned to the library after 28 days overdue. Full use of the service will be reinstated once items are returned and appropriate overdue charges paid.
  8. Borrowers rights will be stopped once £20 accrued charges has been reached for adults and £5 accrued charges for juniors.
  9. Loss or damage to items borrowed will be the responsibility of the library member with resulting full recompense, or equivalent, as assessed by the library service.
  10. Borrowers must only use their own membership card to borrow items. A parent or guardian shall be liable for any items borrowed by junior members (ie anyone aged 0-15 years of age).
  11. Items can be renewed up to a maximum of 3 times. If the item is required for a longer period it must be returned to the branch in person seeking a further loan. This will ensure the item is seen by the library staff and to still be in good condition. Normal overdue charges will accrue until the item is either renewed or returned to the library. Exception: Where there is an active reservation on any item, the renewal period will be for one week only and no further renewals allowed.
  12. The loss of any membership card must immediately be reported to the library service. There will be a replacement charge at the current rate.
  13. All items should be inspected for damage on issue and reported to library staff. Any damage found or damage that occurs whilst the items are on loan shall be reported to library staff when the items are returned.
  14. Any equipment used for playing library multi-media material should be suitable and in such condition not to cause damage.
  15. The library service reserves the right to limit borrowing of any library member or cancel his/her membership of the library service is such action is deemed necessary by them.
  16. Parents/guardians may be contacted by library or other Council staff if an unaccompanied Junior Member behaves in an inappropriate manner.
  17. Aberdeenshire Council has a Zero Tolerance Policy – action will be taken to stop or prevent unacceptable behaviour towards members of staff.
  18. Your information will be held in accordance with the council's Data Protection Policy.

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