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Commotion in the Ocean - A Valentine's Night with a difference

12th February 2013

Looking for that different experience this Valentine's Night? Coast Festival and Macduff Marine Aquarium may have the answer.

The organisations have teamed up to bring you Commotion in the Ocean, a unique evening that shares the love and will give you a privileged insight into where all the fish in the sea come from – an evening full of music, romance and refreshments and fish! 

A rare opportunity to see the aquarium animals at night, guests will enjoy refreshments and live entertainment with the dramatic backdrop of the big tank. Guest will also get a sneaky peek at some fascinating new arrivals at the aquarium before they go on display - as well as having a fun and entertaining evening.

Aquarium Manager, Claire Matthews, says "We are big supporters of the Coast festival and when we heard the team were looking for fundraising ideas, we suggested an alternative Valentine's Night at the aquarium. 

It is breeding season for our big cod and saithe at this time of year, so love is definitely in the water and it seemed appropriate to offer a special evening event for a chance see some fascinating fish behaviour, as well as an opportunity to raise money for the festival. 

The big tank looks amazing when lit up at night and few visitors get to see it, so we're looking forward to welcoming lots of people on February 14th. In honour of St Valentine, I'll also be giving a talk about the amazing lengths some sea creatures go to find a mate and reproduce. 

And as a special treat, we'll be offering guests a behind-the-scenes preview of our new seahorses – known to have the most unusual reproductive strategy of all fish - before the seahorse display opens to the public at Easter. It will be a fun event - and we really hope to spread the fish love!"

During the evening Claire will be giving a talk on mating habits (fish that is), and taking tours to see the seahorses. The Coast volunteers will be providing refreshments and even some entertainment to ensure it is a night to remember.

Alison Simpson, Chair of Coast Festival said
“Where else can  you have such a fun and wondefully odd evening and at the same time help support a community led arts festival. Surely it's a must”

Tickets are £20 for two and can be bought or booked at Macduff Marine Aquarium on 01261 833369. The evening starts at 6pm and goes on until 9pm.


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