e-Development Programme


Key messages from the Programme

Top lines

  • eDevelopment.scot is a business transformation programme to deliver digital planning and building standards services across Scotland.
  • Fundamentally, the programme is about a transformational change in the way these public services are delivered in a digital age; with a shift away from largely paper-based services to electronic working methods.
  • For customers, it will ensure businesses, citizens and communities in Scotland have the opportunity to access the same consistently high level of online service, delivering customer service improvements and financial savings.
  • For authorities, eDevelopment.scot is an enabler to deliver public services fit to meet expectations the 21st Century. Financial savings and improved access to services will be underpinned by streamlined efficient business processes and a move to electronic ways of working.
  • Objectives of the programme include to commit more broadly to digital services and the digital agenda.
  • The programme is a transformation of business processes supported by a technical solution.
  • The Scottish Government has listened to stakeholders with a view to offering an enhanced service of ePlanning and now also includes eBuilding Standards as part of the wider suite of digital e-services.
  • The Scottish Government is working in collaborative partnership with local government to ensure customers receive the services they require.
  • The end result is to reduce the paper-handling, postage and all unnecessary practices and radically change internal processes to fit.


  • The Scottish Government sought to establish the best way to continue providing the ePlanning service and also to expand into eBuilding Standards.
  • Following a rigorous comprehensive evaluation process the preferred route was identified as an internal solution created by Scottish Government.
  • The chosen route is providing a more flexible service at a lower cost and with more control over future expansion and to maximise authorities’ efficiencies.
  • The portal was designed for future proofing, to enable further expansion.
  • The programme mandate was initiated from Scottish Ministers.

Look and Use

  • The eDevelopment sites will display clean, modern branding, a familiar look and feel, and themed colours.
  • The eDevelopment ‘landing page’ will overarch ePlanning and eBuilding Standards to ensure delivery from one place with a unified feel and future proofing.

This will allow one set of login credentials to be used for both portals.


Changes to the way building standards applications are made is now in place with the launch of Scotland’s eBuildingstandards.scot online applications service. This will enable the electronic submission of applications for building warrants and other related forms, such as completion certificates. 

Online applications are simple, save applicants’ time and money and are delivered to us swiftly, enabling us to start considering applications sooner. 

eBuildingstandards.scot is accessed through eDevelopment.scot – a single landing page leading both to the eBuilding Standards service and to the ePlanning service. Just one registration is needed, so if you are already registered on ePlanning.scot, you can use the same login details for eBuildingstandards.scot.

Key Messages from the Programme


  • As well as continuing the current ePlanning service there is strong Ministerial support to build on this success and expand to eBuilding Standards.
  • It will enable businesses and members of the public to apply for building warrants and submit completion certificates online.
  • Other than differences relating to forms and fees, the Building Standards portal will have the same look and feel as the ePlanning portal, but distinguishable by colour and content changes.

 What the portal will do:

  • Provide a process to submit warrant applications right through to completion certificates.
  • The Building Standards fee calculator will be based around logic concerning the application type and estimated value of work.
  • Location plan mapping tool will allow the applicant the option to choose from three providers to create a location plan from an accredited location plan provider.
  • The system will be delivered with a comprehensive user guide.
  • Allow internal administration rights for each authority.


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