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Caravan Sites Licences

Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960

The Infrastructure Services Committee of 2nd December 1999 agreed to the standardisation of licences and licence conditions for private caravan sites in Aberdeenshire, replacing licences and standards issued by the former District Council.

Licence Conditions

There are separate licence conditions for ‘Residential’, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Tourer’ Caravan Sites. If the site has mixed use, relevant conditions pertaining to the particular use of the site will apply. Where it is not practical to differentiate the different uses, the more onerous conditions will apply.

Applications for site licences require to be submitted using the standard form, accompanied by 2 copies of plans. The caravan licence states the name and address of the licensee, site address, type of caravan site, maximum number of caravans permitted, operating period and the expiry date of the licence (if appropriate). Caravan Site Application Form here.

The site licence cannot be approved until Planning Permission is granted. Conditions attached to the site licence require to be in accordance with conditions attached to the Planning Permission.

Operating periods require to be in accordance with conditions attached to the Planning Permission. Generally, holiday and tourer sites may operate from April 1st to October 31st. Where an appropriate condition is attached to the Planning Permission, longer operating periods can be granted, including 12 months. The Environmental Health and Consumer Protection Service will have an opportunity at the time of the Planning Application to comment on the operating period.



If sites are permitted to operate between 1st November and 31st March the following conditions should be attached:

  1. Steps shall be taken as far as practicably possible to keep carriageways and footpaths free of snow and ice.
  2. Steps shall be taken as far as practicably possible to keep car parking areas free of snow and ice.
  3. Every pipe, other water fitting, waste pipe and drain, whether inside or outside a building or other structure shall as far as practicably possible, be effectively protected against freezing and damage from freezing.

All sites must comply with the site licence conditions subject to the following provisos:

  1. Sites which previously had a licence condition (issued by the former District Council) which required a minimum road width of only 2.74 metres will not be required to meet the requirement for a minimum road width of 3.7 metres (with provision for passing places if the width is less than 5.5 metres and subject to two way traffic). However, if alterations to the site are proposed, an opportunity may be taken to upgrade road widths. Site extensions will be subject to the new conditions
  2. The condition pertaining to annual electrical safety checks in respect of existing sites (as at 2/12/99) requires to be complied with within one year of the date of issue of the licence. For sites licenced after 2/12/99 the conditions require to be complied with immediately
  3. Conditions pertaining to the provision of disabled facilities on holiday and tourer sites in respect of existing sites (as at 2/12/99), require to be complied with within 2 years of the date of issue of the licence. The licensee should contact Building Control of the Planning & Development Service.

Site specific conditions can be attached to any site licence, where appropriate.

The conditions pertaining to gas and electrical inspections and provision of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors apply to all static caravans, including those not owned or rented by the site licensee. It is the site licensee’s responsibility to ensure that all caravans on site meet these requirements.

In terms of new sites, the applicant requires to contact Grampian Fire Brigade on fire safety matters. Likewise before a licence is approved, this Service require to consult Grampian Fire Brigade.

The applicant for a new site licence may require to contact Scottish Water and SEPA on relevant matters. This Service may do likewise.

Applications for new site licences require to be assessed by the Principal Environmental Health Officer in liaison with the Environmental Health Specialist Officer. The site licence will be signed by the Head of Environmental Health. Should you have any queries please contact us.