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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

What are Houses in Multiple Occupation?

A simple explanation of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a property which is occupied by three or more persons from different families who share facilities such as kitchens and/or bathrooms.

Houses in Multiple Occupation can include hostels, halls of residence, bedsits, staff accommodation, shared flats or houses and some hotels and guest houses.


Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 requires Houses in Multiple Occupation to be licensed by the Local Authority. The license aims to make sure the property is safe, well managed and of good quality. The owner of the house is responsible for applying for an HMO licence.

The application form, guidance notes and associated documents for licensing Houses in Multiple Occupation are available to download.


Information about the HMO licence application process, including fees and contact details for advice:


Application form for applying for HMO licence:

Application Form for the Grant of Licence for a House in Multiple Occupation (pdf 63 kb)


Notice that must be completed and displayed prominently outside the property for 21 days from the date of the licence application:


Certificate that must be completed and returned confirming that the 21 Day Notice was displayed for the required time:


Licensing conditions and management standards that licence holders are expected to meet:


Guidance on fire safety and risk assessment for HMO licence holders: