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Young Person's National Entitlement Card

Is a scheme for young people aged 11 to 25 inclusive. On this page you can find out

Aberdeenshire Council is working with Transport Scotland to make the 16 - 18 travel concession smart. Find out below how this affects you.

Apply for a Young Person's (Young Scot) National Entitlement Card

If you attend an Aberdeenshire Council secondary school you may be able to apply for a card there. Check with the school office to see if this is possible. If you have left school, attend a private school, or attend one of the council secondary schools where applications are not accepted you can obtain an application from some Council offices, or by contacting us.

Once you have completed and signed your application, please take it, in person, along with the relevant documents required to one of the selected Council offices for validation.

I need a new card

If you have lost or damaged your card , there is no need to re-apply for a new one. Simply contact us, giving your full name, date of birth, current address and reason for replacement. If you have moved, please also let us know your previous address. We will arrange for a new card to be sent out to you.

If you have moved from another Scottish Local Authority area contact us giving your full name, date of birth, current address and previous Local Authority area. We will arrange the transfer of your details from the local authority and arrange for a new card to be sent to you.

There is no charge for replacement cards.

When should I receive my card?

You will usually receive your card within 3 weeks of handing in your valid application form.

What can I use my card for?

  • You can access the "Active Aberdeenshire" leisure scheme at Leisure Centres and Swimming Pools
  • Cashless Catering facility for students who attend some Aberdeenshire Secondary Schools.
  • Public Library Access (in Scotland)
  • A range of discounts in shops. Check the Young Scot website for details.
  • Proof of Age. The Young Scot NEC has the PASS hologram on it which means it can be used for proof of age. The introduction of Young Scot.org "Challenge 25" in Scotland will mean that all retailers will be obliged by law to challenge anyone who they believe could be 25 or under for identification.
  • Travel Concessions for 16-18 year olds. Full-time Project Scotland volunteers aged 19 - 25 are also eligible. Check to see if you qualify.

Tampered Cards

It is a chargeable offence for anyone who is under the legal age to try to purchase goods/services using their Young Scot which may be altered to read an incorrect date of birth. Anyone found to be fraudulently using their card will have the Young Scot branding and PASS Hologram benefit removed from their record until they reach the age of 18. The cardholder will therefore no longer qualify for Young Scot benefits or have proof of age during this time. However, a replacement Standard card can be sought by the cardholder if they wish to use the card for access to Local Services in the interim period.


Travel concessions for Young Scot aged 16-18 yrs inclusive:

On Buses

When a young person turns 16 and has signed up for Young Scot, he/she will receive a 1/3 discount off the cost of single bus fares across Scotland. Most bus drivers currently need to see the striped show & go card to give you the discount. Transport Scotland are working with bus operators to make this a smart transaction using the National Entitlement Card. The list below details which bus operators in this area accept the NEC card instead of the striped card. Until all operators you use can accept smart transactions please ensure you carry both cards with you.

Operators now accepting smart transactions

Alex Milne Coaches Allan & Black (Village Hopper) Bains Coaches Central Taxis
Classy Taxis Deveron Coaches J & M Burns Coaches Kineil Coaches
Philips Coaches Watermill Coaches    


NEC CardSmart transactions are carried out by placing your National Entitlement Card on the card reader of the ticket machine. The ticket machine will identify you as eligible for the discount and calculate the correct fare when you tell the driver your destination.


    youngscot_cardShow & Go transactions are made when you show both your NEC card and this green and yellow striped card to the driver. Tell the driver your destination so he can calculate the correct fare for your journey. Currently you will need to show both cards on services operated by Stagecoach Bluebird and First Aberdeen.

On Rail

When a young person joins the concession scheme he/she receives a rail voucher to be exchanged at a manned Railway Station for a 1-yr Railcard, which gives up to 50% off train journeys in Scotland (information and conditions of travel are available from the relevant Train Companies). Once the Railcard has expired, another Rail Voucher may be requested by the cardholder for another 1-yr Railcard. These can be requested up to two weeks prior to the cardholder's 19th birthday by calling 08456 08 12 00.

Lost Rail Voucher? If you haven't exchanged the voucher for a Railcard a replacement may be issued to the cardholder on request. If you have lost your railcard we are unable to replace it until it's due for renewal.


Council Office for Validating NEC Young Person Applications:

Aboyne: Area Office/Registrar, Bellwood Road, Aboyne.

Alford: Area Office/Registrar, School Road, Alford.

Banchory: Social Work Dept, 45 Station Road, Banchory.

Banff: Social Work Dept, Seafield House, 37 Castle Street, Banff.

Ellon: Area Office/Registrar, 29 Bridge Street, Ellon.

Fraserburgh: Area Office/Registrar, 14 Saltoun Square, Fraserburgh.

Huntly: Area Office/Service Point, Stewart's Hall, Gordon Street, Huntly.

Inverurie: Area Office/Registrar, Gordon House, Blackhall Road, Inverurie.

Peterhead: Chief Executive, Arbuthnott House, 62 Broad Street, Peterhead.

Stonehaven: Social Work Dept, Carlton House, Arduthie Road, Stonehaven.

Turriff: Area Office/Registrar, Towie House, Manse Road, Turriff.

Westhill: Service Point, Police Office Reception, Old Skene Road, Westhill.


Relevant documents to accompany your application:

  • One Passport-style photograph of yourself (head & shoulders taken on light background), and
  • Proof of your Age, and
  • Proof of your permanent Address (recent), and
  • Proof of Photo I.D. (photo driving licence, passport, or if not, a *Referee to validate the photo) *Referee must be someone that knows you (not a relative) and is in a professional occupation (teacher, nurse, community worker, social worker, police officer or a religious leader). They must write the following on the back of your photo "I confirm true likeness of {your full name} " and sign and date the back of the photo. Part 5 of the Application must also be completed by the Referee.


Contact Us

By phone 08456 081 200
By email entitlementcard@aberdeenshire.gov.uk