Oldmeldrum Disc Parking

From December 2015, users of the Cowgate and The Square Car Parks are required to display a Parking Disc.  Parking in Oldmeldrum’s town centre will be limited to two hours, in these two car parks, to help free-up parking and boost visitor numbers to local shops.

The discs are free to obtain and use, and aim to better manage the availability of parking in the town.

Waiting times are only restricted between 8am and 6pm Monday – Saturday. 

Residents Permits are not available.

Discs can be collected, free of charge, from the following local businesses:

  • The Meldrum Cafe
  • Meldrum Pharmacy
  • Key Store
  • Berrys
  • Envy Hair
  • The Paper Shoppe
  • Stewart and Watson
  • JG Ross
  • Presley and Co Butcher
  • Daisy Roots
  • Oldmeldrum Dental Practice

Discs are provided by, and remain the property of Aberdeenshire council.

Motorists are required to display the re-usable parking disc, setting it to show their time of arrival. Vehicles can stay in the car parks for a maximum of two hours, and will be subject to an Excess Charge Notice (ECN) if this is not observed. There will be active monitoring of the car parks by Car Park Operatives, however in the first two months this will be mainly for educational purposes. Warning notices along with disc distribution will be issued rather than ECNs.  Repeat offenders will be issued with ECNs.

Parking in the Baker Street and Commercial Road car parks will not require parking discs.  

How to use discs

  1. On parking set the disc to the time of arrival
  2. Display the disc inside the front windscreen or side window

You will commit an offence if: 

  • you park and fail to display a disc
  • you indicate a false time of arrival or subsequently alter it
  • you fail to remove the vehicle on expiry of the permitted time

If an offence is committed an Excess Charge Notice will be incurred. 

Parking fines (Excess Charge Notices)

An Excess Charge of £60 will apply in the case of: 

  • Failure to correctly set and display a parking disc
  • Overstaying the permitted parking period
  • Parking outwith a marked bay
  • Unauthorised use of bay marked for disabled use


Payment options and discounts can be found on the reverse of the Excess Charge Notice.

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