Walking as Active Travel

Experts recommend that adults be active for a total of 30 minutes a day, on five or more days of the week to benefit health. The good news is that this 30 minutes can be made up of shorter bouts of 10 to 15 minutes, making walking an ideal way to hit the target.

Walking could be built in to your day as part of your commute or by replacing one the many short journeys people often make by car.


If you are thinking about increasing your walking you can make a walking pledge at the Walking Works website.


Walking Maps

Aberdeenshire Council publishes a range of walking maps under the Positive Steps banner. To view the walking maps, click here. 


Supporting the environment:

  • Walking has no adverse effects on the environment
  • Walking is a real alternative to car use
  • Walking reduces traffic congestion and pollution

Encouraging people to become more active can bring about a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Disease prevention
  • Weight management and the prevention of associated illnesses
  • Positive mental health promotion

Walking one mile in 20 minutes uses as much energy as (and walking is a lot easier than any of those):

  • Swimming breast stroke for 10 minutes
  • Running a mile in 10 minutes
  • Playing football for 12 minutes
  • Cycling for 16 minutes
  • Doing aerobics for 16 minutes
  • Weight training for 17 minutes

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