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Work Carried out From 2001 to 2004

From this section you will be able to view maps and obtain information on the Western Peripheral Route such as:

Western Peripheral Route (Northern Leg)

During winter 2001/2002 an Environmental Consultant was commissioned to carry out a Stage 1 Environmental Assessment, in accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB), over a defined study area.

The DMRB process is set out in three stages as follows:

  1. Stage 1 - Determine the routes to be taken forward for a comparative assessment
  2. Stage 2 - Carry out a comparative assessment and choose a preferred route
  3. Stage 3 - Carry out a detailed assessment of the preferred route

The Western Peripheral Route (Northern leg) has reached the end of the Stage 2 public consultation exercise. This consultation considered three route options. The recommended route option is the Central Route. Assessment process

The Stage 1 Environmental Assessment identified the environmental advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with the study area.

Further Steps

Following both Councils approving a preferred route then the following steps will follow:

  • Stage 3 Preliminary Design (allow land requirements to be determined)
  • Prepare a detailed Environmental Impact Statement
  • Stage 3 Public Consultation
  • Planning application and Land Purchase
  • Possible Public Inquiry
  • Contract Document Preparation / Tender/Award/Construction

The Stage 3 public consultation will be much more locally focussed as it will be directed to the public directly affected by the scheme. Stage 3 is much more about the scheme's design details, for example, what mitigation measures can be incorporated within the scheme to minimise any environmental disbenefit.

top of pageApproved Route and Northern Leg Options

View larger mapThe Council approved corridor and the three options for the new Northern Leg of the Western Peripheral Route are illustrated here.

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