ASPECTS (Aberdeenshire Specialist Technology Service) is a service run by teachers specialised in sourcing, developing and utilising assistive technology to support Aberdeenshire pupils with severe and complex needs. 

We aim to assist pupils whose needs cannot be met from within the schools' resources. We can provide advice, training, software and hardware as appropriate to meet the needs of the pupil. 

Who can make a referral

Class teachers should review the learning environment, class curriculum, and resources to meet the need of the pupil.

If necessary, the school, education psychologist or other support service can then submit a referral to ASPECTS. Referred pupils must be Stage 3 or 2 of the Staged Intervention model. Priority will be given to Stage 3 pupils. 

How to make a referral

Schools can make:

Informal referral for advice and training 

Schools can ask for advice or request staff training in order to meet the need of the pupil. To do this, they should complete and submit the ASPECTS informal referral form online. 

Formal referral to ASPECTS

To refer a pupil to ASPECTS, professionals should complete and submit the ASPECTS formal referral form online. We do not accept referrals from parents.  

The formal referral form must include: 

  • external agency contact details
  • what the school has already tried with the pupil to meet their need
  • supporting documentation such as current IEP

If you submit an incomplete form, this could cause processing delays. 

Schools can also make referrals via ASPECTS glow tile. 

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