Childcare and Early Years Education Extended Service

The childcare and early years education extended service project is a £3m initiative aimed at the development of pre-school provision tailored to the individual needs of families.

A total of 18 sites will be launched across Aberdeenshire , in a number of stages. The first phase being based in Fraserburgh, Stonehaven, Mintlaw, Alford, Banchory and Oldmeldrum.
More information on phase two sites will be available shortly..

  • Overall aims of the project:
    To provide full day pre-school education and childcare for children aged 0-3 or 3-5. (depending on the setting)
  • To support parents to take an active role in the child’s development and early learning by making every pre-school a family learning environment.
  • To provide families access to a wider range of support services
  • Children will experience high quality learning from a skilled workforce

What facilities are available through the project?

Specific sites in each local area will provide full time places. These sites are based at Alford PS, Mill O’ Forest PS, Banchory PS, Meldrum PS and Westfield School.

Full day sessions will be offered from the start of the morning nursery session until the end of the afternoon session – i.e. 9.00am until 3.00pm or 3.15pm, whichever hours the nursery currently operates. Lunch will be provided for the children in the nursery.

Nursery teachers and nursery nurses will provide high quality education and support. Parents will be encouraged to work alongside staff to support their child’s development.


For children aged 0-3 years, requests for places will be referred to the school by a health visitor, social worker or other supporting agency, once a consent form has been completed by the parent /carer.

Places for children aged 3-5 years, will be allocated according to Aberdeenshire Council’s Pre-school Admissions Policy, from priority band 1 or 2. A nursery admission form plus supporting documentation from the referring agency will be required, before being considered by the Central Panel.

(For details of the priority bands please refer to Aberdeenshire Council’s booklet ‘Applying for Pre-School Education for you Child’ or Early Years Pre-School Education: Policy for Admission)

Examples of when a place may be offered:

  • Periods of family stress such as bereavement, long term illness, family breakdown
  • Families looking for support with parenting skills
  • Lone parents or young parents, under 24
  • Children with or affected by disability
  • Families affected by unemployment or requiring extra support to remain in employment

All applications for a place will be considered by the individual circumstances and reviewed regularly.

How to access a place:

Requests for a place may come from parents via the school, health visitor, social worker,
speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, educational psychologist or any other agency working directly with the family.

Admission forms must be completed, jointly, by the parent and referrer. This will outline the reasons why a full time place is needed.

All applications will be considered by a Central Panel and a decision made as to whether a place will be offered.

Where to find out more :

For further information, phone 01224 664026 or 01224 664882








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