Community Learning and Development

The Aberdeenshire Learning Communities Partnership brings together key partner agencies involved in the delivery of CLD across Aberdeenshire. The partners have produced their first three year CLD Plan (2015-2018).

This three year plan takes a positive approach to build and improve on what is already working and has identified four key Improvement Priorities where we as a CLD Partnership can work together to improve outcomes:  

  • Develop an effective CLD Partnership through the Aberdeenshire Learning Communities Partnership and 17 Local Learning Community Partnerships
  • Collaborate for Positive Learner Transitions
  • Involve learners and communities in shaping and co-designing services - from engagement to empowerment
  • Develop the workforce - joint professional learning and development opportunities for the paid and voluntary CLD workforce

Community Learning and Development (CLD) service

Community Learning and Development (CLD) is a council service which works to:

  • Improve life chances for people of all ages through learning, personal development and active citizenship
  • Support stronger, more resilient, supportive, influential and inclusive communities

CLD staff work across networks - there are 17 networks built around each Academy and its associated Primary Schools.

CLD staff work in partnership with other agencies and organisations to improve life chances and sustain and strengthen communities. The network partnership is known as the 'learning community', and is co-ordinated through a Local Community Learning Partnership.

Our youth work is delivered through three different strands:

  • Bridging the Gap - supports young people (particularly those who may need some additional support) at key transition stages such as moving from primary to secondary education
  • Move on Up - helps young people with transitions into the senior phase at school (S3 onwards) and to develop skills for learning, life and work
  • Youth Voice - helps young people to participate in decision making and to become active citizens 

Adult and Family Learning is delivered through:

  • Learning 4 Life - helping individuals develop the core skills which will allow them to participate fully in learning. This includes English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and support for learners to improve their literacy and numeracy
  • Family Learning - a targeted approach to supporting parents to help them achieve the best outcomes for their children 

Community Capacity Building work is delivered through: 

  • Knowing Communities - working with communities to identify issues and to gain a better understanding of emerging trends and needs
  • Growing Communities - building on the strengths of community groups and organisations in meeting local needs by providing general and tailored training and support 

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