Short breaks or respite care for older people and people with physical disabilities

Short breaks or respite care are important to both carer and the cared for person. For the carer, it provides a break from their normal caring routine. For the cared for person, they are an opportunity to enjoy a different environment or activity. 

The most appropriate type and length of break varies according to the particular needs of both carer and cared for person, but can include:

  • home care - these services are provided to make sure the carer has a break from their care responsibilities and takes place at home
  • day care for the cared for person - day care services provide a break for the cared for person outside the home, in a community setting. Day care is available throughout Aberdeenshire
  • care homes and very sheltered housing - short breaks can be arranged in care homes or very sheltered housing respite flats where the level of care required by the cared for person can't be met through community based support
  • innovative respite – respite breaks can be arranged in the community eg in a hotel or bed and breakfast. More information and advice is available through the Short Breaks Bureau

A care manager will assess you to decide what level of care you need. This is done with you and your carer.


Short break or respite care flats

We've leased and furnished a flat in our very sheltered housing complexes to provide short breaks or respite care:


More information

Our Traditional Respite Services for Older People leaflet gives more information about how older people and people with physical disabilities access traditional respite across Aberdeenshire:


If you think you, or the person you care for, need a short break or respite care, please contact your local social work office



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