Day services for adults with disabilities

Adult day services can offer lots of opportunities for people who have disabilities and who may want to:

  • learn new skills - such as computing, cookery, photography, journalism and lots more
  • improve the skills they already have
  • gain skills which could lead to employment or volunteering
  • develop social skills
  • become more independent
  • try new experiences
  • make new friends
  • experience relaxation therapy
  • do something for your local community
  • learn to travel more independently
  • access leisure facilities in the community


Improving day services for adults with disabilities - the Big IDEA. Find out about the consultation and how you can get involved.



What are adult day services?

We have seven bases from which adult day services are delivered in Aberdeenshire for adults aged 16 to 65 with additional support needs. Each service offers a different selection of activities depending on local demand and opportunity:

The day services provide a range of community based activities including:

  • life skills
  • pre-employability skills
  • social skills
  • leisure activities
  • relaxation therapy
  • creative skills development
  • life-long learning

We also have several small scale industrial units, community venues and other facilities providing a range of training and work type experience. Our day services have links to local colleges where you can access a range of courses.

The day services provided are designed to build on your abilities, support you with making choices and skills development.

Adult day services can give you the opportunity to:

  • try new experiences
  • develop new skills, and
  • be part of the local community.

People have different needs. So the services are tailored to your individual needs after a needs based assessment. You also have a care plan, agreed with you, and tailored to your personal needs. This plan is reviewed regularly. Every centre user is allocated a keyworker, a member of staff who gives you individual support.

For more information on what is available contact your nearest day services base.


Where is my nearest adult day service?

We have seven bases from which services are delivered. Where possible services are provided in your local community. For more information on what is available contact your nearest day services base or your local social work office.


How will I get there?

Day services are about supporting people to do as much as possible for themselves. Walking and taking public transport, if it is available, is encouraged. Our day services staff can give you travel training to build your skills and confidence.

We can discuss with you, your care manager, day services staff and your family what other travel options may be available and how they can be provided, if these options are not suitable for you.


Will I have a say in how things are run?

Yes. All our day services hold regular meetings where everyone is invited to have their say and air their views.

There are also regular reviews held where everyone who is in your support network gets together with you to talk about what you think of the service and how it is working for you.

If you have difficulties with communicating there are lots of options. Our day services staff are trained and experienced in supporting communication through using ‘talking mats’ and other methods. You can also be supported by an advocate, friend or family member to make your views known.

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