Shared Lives scheme

Shared Lives

What is a shared lives placement?

Shared lives carers provide support to adults with disabilities to enable them to live their life in the community.

The shared lives scheme helps you to:

  • live independently
  • maintain and enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well being
  • protects you from harm
  • is tailored to your needs

What does the shared lives scheme provide?

The shared lives scheme provides:

  • day support in the shared lives carer’s home
  • shared breaks in the shared carer's home
  • long- term accommodation and support
  • weekend breaks away
  • transition support

In all circumstances, you can enjoy a change in the company of the carer. It gives you the opportunity to take part in activities, outings or you can simply choose to relax. 

Shared Lives activity weekend breaks

The Shared Lives Scheme offers three short activity weekend breaks a year to people who are interested in shared lives, their family carers, shared lives carers. A break or a holiday can help people to relax whilst recharging their batteries. This is no different for people who have a disability and their families. We provide venues that offer value for money, have stunning environments, whilst providing good food and giving fabulous opportunities to try new activities. This all takes place in an equal, flexible setting where everyone can help and give something to others whilst growing as a person in their own right.

If you want to find out more about these activity short breaks or our weekend day events contact the Shared Lives team.

Transition support

Shared Lives can also provide support during periods of transition. Times of transition in life can be difficult for us all, but even more so if you have support needs such as learning and/or physical disability or mental health issues.

Whether it’s moving into adulthood and gaining some independence; thinking about moving from the family home; moving to a new area; copying with a bereavement or change in health or simply wanting some new experiences.

Times of transition can be tough on individuals and their families but with a strong support network this process can be successful and fulfilling for everyone.

Can you be a shared lives carer?

This is a rewarding job that you can do from home and you can make a real difference to people's lives. We welcome carers from differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with varied skills and experiences. You would be carefully matched with your prospective service users, taking into account everyone's lifestyles and interests. Shared lives carers are supported by the schemes workers to allow carers to offer consistent, individual and flexible care. 

Do shared lives carers get paid?

Yes. The amount carers receive varies according to the care and support needs of each service user.

Who are the shared lives carers and what do they do?

Shared lives carers share their homes and lives with you.

Carers offer practical and emotional support for up to two people at any one time.  This depends on:

  • your individual needs
  • how much support you need
  • how much support the shared lives carer can offer

The shared lives carer will be assessed and trained as a carer for this scheme. Allowing them to meet the individual needs of each person staying with them. 

We welcome carers who are couples, single, with or without children.

How are shared lives carers assessed?

The scheme recruits, assesses, approves and supports shared lives carers.

Carers are assessed using the Shared Lives Plus framework, formerly known as National Association of Adult Placement Services (NAAPS).

The assessment of prospective carers includes:

  • pre-application meeting
  • completion of shared lives application form
  • satisfactory completion of references and disclosure checks
  • health checks
  • approval of completed carer assessment form

What is the profile of a shared lives carer?

A shared lives carer:

  • lives in Aberdeenshire, on their own or with a family
  • has the time, energy and commitment to help a vulnerable adult live independently
  • provides a homely, safe, enjoyable and supportive place to stay or live

How do you get on a shared lives placement?

A social worker or care manager will refer you if you would like to know more about the scheme.

You are individually assessed to determine what level of support you require.  Your needs, likes and interests are identified so shared lives carers and users of the scheme are carefully matched.

For example:

  • you may enjoy a stay in the country where it is peaceful and like to help with animals
  • you have a part time job so your placement needs to be close enough to support this
  • you would like a holiday with a shared lives carer who will have time to make you feel special

How much does it cost?

If you are using the scheme you pay a contribution towards your living expenses.

Shared lives carers receive a payment from us.

Find out more

Take a look at our quarterly newsletter - Care and Share. Read about our shared lives carers and people using the service's stories. Find out about the sharing of experiences, updates and current information on the shared lives scheme and much more.

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If you would like to use this scheme, want to become a carer or need more information please email us or call 078248 37791.

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