Domestic or partner abuse

What's domestic or partner abuse?

Domestic or partner abuse covers a range of abusive behaviour that may occur in any close relationship. It happens across society regardless of age, gender, disability, education and ethnicity. Although mainly affecting women, men can also be victims.

The abuse can be:

  • physical - being pushed, hit, kicked, attacked or threatened with an object
  • sexual - being raped, sexually assaulted, forced to take part in degrading or unwanted sexual activities
  • emotional - being verbally abused, criticised, degraded or controlled

It isn't easy to seek help. We can offer support and help by listening and talking to you and giving you information on safety planning. We can also give you information to get support with legal advice, benefits, places of safety and alternative housing.


Domestic abuse team

Our domestic abuse team supports victims of domestic or partner abuse and their children. They are part of our social work service, the outreach workers are social workers.

The team provides support and advice to victims who are in an abusive relationship and trying to leave. They also provide support to victims who have left an abusive relationship. The Children's family support workers are available to work with children.

More information about our domestic abuse team is available in our leaflet:

This leaflet is also translated into Polish and Russian:



What happens if you call the Domestic Abuse team?

We'll give you advice over the phone, or meet you to give you information or talk about the support you'd like. You choose what means of contact suits you best. We'll visit you where you feel safe eg at home, a friend’s, a GP surgery or a social work office.

If you need ongoing support from the team, you can be assigned a domestic abuse specialist social worker. A child can be given support by a family support worker.

You can contact us on any of these telephone numbers:

01771 638200 or 01358 725756 or 01330 824991

When you phone for help, if no one is available, please leave a message on the answering machine with a contact number that's safe to call you on.

The service is voluntary, you can stop contact with us at any time.


What other help and support is available?

Grampian CareData has information on organisations and care and support services that can give you help and support about abuse, as well as advice about your options.


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