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Guidance Leaflets

Leaflets on a number of topics have been prepared by Aberdeenshire Council to assist businesses comply with the law. These are listed below.

There are a further selection of leaflets available on the Trading Standards Central website.

Counterfeit Products

What is a counterfeit product?




A guide to Cons, Scams and Swindles affecting small businesses.




A guide to various Trading Standards legislation including product safety affecting small scale crafters and makers of home made products.



top of pageE-Commerce

Businesses who advertise or sell goods or services online must provide the customer with the following information: the full name and geographic address of the business; contact details including an email address.




Property Misdescriptions

Current legislation requires estate agents and property developers to describe property in a truthful and transparent manner. Not only must descriptions not be misleading but material information must also be disclosed to customers.

TGL.Estate Agents

top of pageTextile Products (Indications of Fibre Content) Regulations 1986

The regulations apply to any person who supplies or offers to supply textile products, in the course of a trade or business, in the United Kingdom. Also covered are advertisements intended for retail customers where the advertisements describe the textile product or products in enough detail to enable the products to be ordered.


Weights and Measures Act

Most packages sold in the UK must comply with the 'average quantity system' of weights and measures. Controls are applied principally at the point of production or importation, with strict tolerances to ensure that the average contents of a group of packages is at least the quantity stated on the label.

Average Quantity


top of pageAge Related Products

Legislation prohibits the sale of certain products to persons under certain ages. The following is designed to guide you through the requirements of the law and assist in compliance.

Under Age Sales

Video Recordings Act 2010

The packaging of any DVD or video cassette must comply with these requirements and they should not be supplied to anyone under the stated age (to be read in conjunction with the leaflet on Age Related Products).

Video Recordings Act


Hallmarking Act

Goods made from gold, silver and platinum must be hallmarked- this leaflet provides guidance on how the regulations apply;


Packaging ( Essential Requirements) 2003

Manufactureres and packers of all kinds of goods must take the regulations in to account which could not only reduce packing costs but also protect the environment.