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Tourist Trails

The Castle Trail

Crathes CastleAberdeenshire displays one of the finest examples of Scotland's built heritage. They come in every category, from mere sites and ruins, to private homes and gloriously restored palaces. Castle Trail

The Coastal Trail

FowlsheughThe rolling land by the coastline creates a perspective of enormous skies filling the horizon. Suddenly there is land no more, just the last field chopped off a little beyond the next fence. Coastal Trail

Victorian Heritage Trail

River DeeQueen Victoria fell deeply in love with Deeside: "All seemed to breathe freedom and peace, and to make one forget the world and its sad turmoil." Victorian Heritage Trail

The Whisky Trail

Historically, whisky has always been an important part of Scottish life.
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The Stone Circle Trail

Cullerlie Stone CircleA great range of both Standing and Recumbent Stone Circles can be found in Aberdeenshire. Find out more in our Archaeology section. For the Stone Circle Trail Guide, please click here.