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Special Uplifts and Charges

We operate a Special Uplift (sometimes known as Bulky Uplift) service for residents to dispose of larger or bulky waste items. Please note we may need to arrange a visit to your home to assess the access and number of staff needed to remove your items.

Costs for Special Uplifts depend on the items being collected. Typical prices are shown below, but for details of charges, please call the Wasteline and discuss your requirements without obligation. An appointment will be arranged for you when you call, however please note we cannot arrange uplifts on Good Friday, May Day or during the week of Christmas.

Before making a request, please check to see how much waste you can Reuse or Recycle. Some local charities may also take furniture that is still in good condition. For further details please see our Reuse Schemes and Charities page.

A new free National Re-use Phoneline aims to make it easier for people across many parts of Scotland to donate quality, unwanted goods (like furniture, working electrical items, and clothing) for re-use by others. If items are suitable, they will be uplifted free of charge. Call 0800 0665 820 for further details.

Alternatively, you could take the materials to a Household Waste & Recycling Centre free of charge.

Discounted Special Uplift and Refuse Bin prices are available in cases of financial hardship. To qualify for a discount, you need to be in receipt of:

  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Housing Benefit

Downloadable Special Uplift Request Forms


Typical Materials and Prices 2015-16 (please contact the Wasteline for exact prices):

Item Charge *
Special Uplift of up to 4 household items (eg - sofas, chairs, cookers etc). £25.30
(not subject to VAT)
Discounted Special Uplift of up to 4 household items (eg - sofas, chairs etc). £10.30
(not subject to VAT)
Special Uplift of up to 8 household items. £50.50
(not subject to VAT)
Discounted Special Uplift of up to 8 household items. £15.50
(not subject to VAT)
Purchase of Wheeled Refuse Bin 240 Litre (as replacement or for new home only). £57.80 (not subject to VAT)
Discounted price for Wheeled Refuse Bin in cases of financial hardship. £6.70 (not subject to VAT)

* All charges are accurate at the time of publication. No discount is given for a collection of more than 8 items.

If you would like to request a Special Uplift, please Contact Us with information on your requirements for a precise price, as the size and content of these collections can vary considerably

Car Uplift - Free of Charge option

Should you require a vehicle to be uplifted you may wish to visit CarTakeBack.com, who will collect your vehicle at a convenient time from your home or your place of work. In many areas, collection is Free of Charge.
In addition, local Scrap Merchants may uplift your vehicle Free of Charge or pay you cash depending on the value of Scrap metal at that time.

Local Scrap Merchants

Davidson of Rora, Peterhead, Tel no: 01779 821 368
N & B Porter, Inverurie, Tel no: 01358 742 475
Seaview Car Dismantlers, Fraserburgh, Tel no: 01346 514 108
Sharpewood Spares, Huntly , Tel no: 01466 792 395
OvertonDismantlers, Aberdeen , Tel no: 01224 722 354