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Myth Buster

There are a lot of myths around waste and recycling and here we will attempt to bring some clarity. Like all good myths, there is sometimes a half-truth buried within. Sometimes the answers just spark more questions or seem counter-intuitive. However, there are some things we can be sure of! Read on to find out more and visit the Waste Strategy section for more in-depth information.


There's no point in recycling, it all goes to landfill anyway

With landfill tax at £80 per tonne in 2014, and set to rise to £82.60 as of April 2015, putting waste in landfill is an increasingly expensive option. With this in mind, materials we can recycle are not considered waste, but a valuable resource with a rising value.

Aberdeenshire Council is committed to sustainable practices and selling materials collected for recycling helps to keep the costs of collection down as well as being good for the environment.