Aberdeenshire Schools Pipe Band

Aberdeenshire Schools Pipe Band provides young people with the opportunity to develop a range of musical, performance and life skills. Our aim is to compete in the annual Scottish Schools Championships.

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Who can join

The band is suitable for school aged pipers and drummers who can bring their own instrument. It is not suitable for children who play the chanter. We provide the activities and music free of of charge.

Band allocation

We allocate all participants to either the development band or senior band. Primary school aged drummers are usually in the development band, while secondary school aged drummers are normally in the senior band.

You can contact us or speak to a tutor if you feel that you have been placed in the wrong band.


You can register for the band using the online form and we will send you further information by email.

Register for School Pipe Band online 

What to bring

Pipers need to bring a full set of bagpipes and a practice chanter. Drummers need to bring a drum (snare, tenor or bass), practice pad and sticks.

You should bring a packed lunch if you are staying for afternoon rehearsal.

Risk assessment

We have undertaken a risk assessment and make every effort to minimise risk. When signing the parental consent form we ask you to acknowledge that a degree of risk remains. We do not anticipate that any risks will exceed those incurred in normal day to day living.


Our standard insurance in respect of public liability applies throughout the duration of the activity. You should make your own arrangements if you require any personal accident, personal effects or equipment cover.

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