Second Adult Rebate

Second adult rebate is a form of council tax reduction, which can reduce your council tax bill by up to 25%.

If your income is too high or you have too much in savings or investments to qualify for main council tax reduction you may be entitled to second adult rebate. Second adult rebate is a form of council tax reduction for people who are solely liable for council tax but do not get a single person discount because there are other adults living in the property.

When a claim for second adult rebate is made your income and capital are not taken into account in any way - only the second adult(s) income and capital are looked at.

Claim for Second Adult Rebate

You can claim second adult rebate if you are the only person liable to pay the Council Tax but you share your home with one or more persons over the age of 18 years who;

  • are not liable to pay rent on a commercial basis for living in your home
  • are not responsible for paying the council tax
  • are not your spouse or partner
  • have a low gross income and are not counted as a "disregarded person" for council tax purposes

Example of Second Adult Rebate

A couple liable for Council Tax can only claim Second Adult Rebate if one member of the couple is a "disregarded person".

For example, Mr and Mrs Smith make a claim for Second Adult Rebate. Their son Peter who is 25 lives with them and his only income is Income Support. Mrs Smith is a student and is therefore classed as a disregarded person. Mr and Mrs Smith would not qualify for Council Tax Discount, as there are more than two adults over 18 living in the property. But because Mrs Smith is a "disregarded person" she would not be taken into account when the Second Adult Rebate claim was calculated, and they would be eligible for the highest rate of Second Adult Rebate – 25% of their council tax bill, based on Peter's entitlement to Income Support.

How to apply

You can apply for second adult rebate in the same was as you would apply for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction using our application form. The form tells you what parts to complete if you are applying for second adult rebate only. The form also explains the types of proof of identity and income that you will be required to provide in support of the claim.

Apply for Second Adult Rebate

How much you are entitled to

Second Adult Rebate is worked out based on the income of your second adult(s). If you have more than one second adult living with you their combined gross incomes are included If any second adult has a partner, we will add the partner's income to the second adult's income.

If any second adult is getting Income Support/Jobseekers Allowance (income based) Pension Credits, this income will be ignored.

Second Adult(s) Income % of Council Tax
If the second adult is on Income Support / Jobseekers Allowance (Income based) / Pension Credit / Employment Support Allowance (Income Related) 25%
If the second adult is not on the above and his/her income is £249 per week or more Nil
Income between £191 - £248.99 7.5%
Income under £191 per week 15%

Boarders / Tenants / Sub-Tenants

If you receive rent from someone who is over 18 and lives permanently in your home as a boarder or tenant you are not eligible for Second Adult Rebate, but you may claim normal Council Tax Reduction.

Joint Occupiers

If you are jointly liable for council tax on your home, along with at least one other person, each one of you may make a claim for Second Adult Rebate as long as either:

Disregarded Person

A person can not be classed as a "second adult" for the purpose of claiming second adult rebate if they fall into one of the "disregarded person" categories below:

  • Under 18's
  • Aged 18 and someone still gets Child Benefit for them
  • Full time Students/Student Nurses
  • School leavers/Students at college who are under 20
  • Youth Training trainees under 25
  • Severely Mentally Impaired people
  • Prisoners
  • Apprentices on NCVQ/SVEC courses
  • Carers
  • Members of religious communities
  • People whose normal home is somewhere else
  • Members of certain international bodies and visiting forces

If everyone or all but one of those living with you falls into one of the categories above you may qualify for council tax discount for them.