Business Improvement Districts

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a partnership between a local authority and the local business community to develop projects and services that will benefit the trading environment within the boundary of a clearly defined commercial area. BIDs are developed, managed, and paid for by the business sector through an additional levy calculated on the non-domestic rates valuation. Businesses within the proposed BID area must vote in favour before the BID can be established. The council recognises BIDs as being a strong local partnership with a sustainable funding model that can be used to assist economic growth. BIDs enable collaboration between the council, the business community, community groups and our 3rd sector partners to work in partnership, to achieve shared aims and objectives.

Business Improvement Districts can be:

  • Within the business community of the town centre
  • Transformed from a Development Trust
  • Industrial Estate Specific
  • Themed
  • Tourism related

The council would look at supporting a BID area with an annual levy of over £65,000. Should one of the above business areas be interested in finding out more information on BID areas please view Business Improvement District policy and guidance (PDF 159KB).

For further information please view Scotland's Improvement Districts website.

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