How the Employer Recruitment Incentive is paid

The Employer Recruitment Incentive is paid to employers in stages. The payment schedule starts from your employee’s first day of employment.

We will only make a payment if the employee completes each stage. If your employee leaves your employment before the end of the 52-week period, monies already paid to you are not required to be returned to us.

If we haven’t already set you up as a supplier to Aberdeenshire Council, we will need to do this to make sure we can pay you. We will send you a new supplier form (AP06). Please complete this and return it to the email address on the form as soon as possible. If you are already one of our suppliers, we may ask you to register again due to changes in the law regarding storing data.

Please return these documents to We can't approve payment of your invoice until after each payment stage has been completed. Before we can make any payments, you must complete and return all required paperwork to us.

We will make payments within 30 days of receiving satisfactory supporting documentation (such as payslips, contract of employment).

For each payment you will need to email us:

  • Payslips to cover the full stage period (4 weeks, 13 weeks, 26 weeks and 52 weeks)
  • Completed action plans

Payment schedule

Payment due date £2,000 award £4,000 award £6,000 award £8,000 award
4 weeks after employment start date (10%)No payment for less than 4 weeks
£200 £400 £600 £800
13 weeks after employment start date (20%)No pro rata payment between 4 - 13 weeks
£400 £800 £1,200 £1,600
26 weeks after employment start date (30%)
No pro rata payment between 13 - 26 weeks
£600 £1,200 £1,800 £2,400
52 weeks after employment start date (40%)
No pro rata payment between 26 – 52 weeks
£800 £1,600 £2,400 £3,200