Long Term Unemployed Job Creation Scheme

Our Long Term Unemployed Job Creation Scheme (LTU) offers funding for public and third sector employers to help with the costs of recruiting and employing parents who are out of work.

The LTU scheme is administered by the council. The funding comes from the Scottish Government's Parental Employability Support Fund (PESF) which is delivered through No One Left Behind.

Intermediate labour market approach

We will work jointly with employers to create 30 temporary intermediate labour job opportunities in the public and third sectors. These opportunities will provide additional social value and must not substitute, replace or displace existing staff or recruitment.

This approach will combine paid fair work experience with skills training, enabling industry recognised certification or accreditation to meet existing and emerging labour market needs, including but not restricted to:

  • Health and social care
  • Early learning and childcare
  • Green and net zero jobs
  • Renewables
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environment and land management
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Digital


The LTU scheme offers up to £10,000 per person to undertake a paid work placement. The employer would submit payslips every month to claim back the money to cover the employee's wage costs.

The weekly contribution is £384 (or £12.82 per hour) which is based on the Scottish Living Wage and includes potential wrap around funding. The notional cost is based on an average of 26 weeks at 30 hours paid at Real Living Wage.

Payment will be based on actual costs incurred and claimed quarterly in arrears. Individual placements must end, and all costs incurred by 31st March 2024.

Eligibility criteria

The fund is to help with costs of recruitment or employment of parents who:

  • Are over 25 years of age
  • Are in receipt of working age benefits for 12 months or more
  • Have barriers that stop them from starting work
  • Live within Aberdeenshire

Parents to be eligible must also face one of the following employment barriers:

  • Be a lone parent
  • Have a disability or a disabled child
  • Have 3 or more children with the youngest being less than 1 year old
  • Belong to an ethnic minority

How to apply

To apply for funding, employers must complete two forms and return them to Please contact us if you need help filling in the forms. 

Funding application form so we can assess the employer's eligibility for the fund (available in two formats):

Placement form to provide job details so we can check if it is suitable for the scheme:

View the No One Left Behind funding privacy notice (PDF 144KB) to find out what we do with your information.

What happens after

We need to show how the funding is allocated and spent. We will therefore need all applicants and recipients to comply with the Scottish Government and Aberdeenshire Council’s application, monitoring and finance processes.

Once your employee is in post, we will need to meet with you both to complete the final paperwork for this stage. We are required to record information about the job and the employee on our management information system.


Employment Support Team
Phone: 01467 534261 or 01467 533058