£100 gift card for low income households

We sent Aberdeenshire gift cards worth £100 to over 11,000 eligible households across the region. The cards, which can only be spent within Aberdeenshire, were issued to to support both residents struggling with the cost of living crisis and local businesses in the recovery from the pandemic and beyond.

The council allocated £1.3M toward the gift cards. The funding comes from the Scottish Government’s Local Authority COVID Economic Recovery Fund (LACER).

The gift cards were for those people in the greatest need. Each household in receipt of Council Tax Reduction on 1st September 2022 was eligible (one gift card per household). The gift cards were sent by post to the Council Tax reduction recipient.

Your card had to be activated by 30th June 2023. Once activated, your gift card is valid for a period of 12 months.

View the Aberdeenshire Loves Local Gift Card scheme privacy notice (PDF 135KB) to find out what we do with your information.

Where and how to spend

You can spend your gift card in businesses across Aberdeenshire which are registered to accept them. You can also spend it online at participating online retailers as long as they have a physical bricks and mortar presence in Aberdeenshire, and are signed up to accept online payments via the gift card. You will need your 16-digit card number and your 6-digit card security code to make online purchases.

Visit where to spend the gift card (by sector) to find all the businesses that are signed up to accept the Aberdeenshire Loves Local gift card.

The value of the card can be spent in several different transactions over multiple businesses. There is no restriction on the type of goods that can be purchased using the card other than the standard age restricted products that apply to any purchases and gambling based products and businesses.

Gift cards can't be topped up with additional funds.

Scotland Loves Local Card held in hand with a trolley full of shopping in the background

Check balance

There are 3 ways to check your balance left on the card (please have your 16-digit card number and your 6-digit card security code to hand):

  • Visit the Get My Balance website
  • Scan the QR code on your card - this will take you directly to the Get My Balance website
  • Call the balance enquiry number on 0121 260 2849

Lost, damaged or stolen cards

Please keep your gift card safe as we are unable to replace lost, damaged or stolen cards.

Further information

For general information on the Gift Card, please view the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card FAQs.

View our cost of living help page for other financial assistance or contact the Benefits team for money and welfare advice.