Places of Worship

Most people don't regard places of worship as dangerous places. However, there are various hazards associated with them, though none need result in injury if simple preventative measures are taken.


Hazards may include:

  • Poor housekeeping leading to slips, trips and falls is a hazard common to all premises but it may be a particular problem in places of worship where suitable storage space may be lacking.
  • Electrical hazards are not unique to places of worship but the risk may be greater if anyone undertakes electrical work beyond their capabilities.
  • Chemicals such as paints, bleach, insecticides, etc. present in many premises, including our homes, are a risk to those who are unaware of the hazards associated with them.
  • Asbestos is likely to be present in older places of worship in the form of building materials and pipe lagging. The risk will be greater if such material is damaged.
  • Inadequate safe storage and banking arrangements for sums of money are an invitation to thieves.