EU Referendum Service

In June 2016 the UK held a referendum and voted to leave the EU. There is some debate about the nature of the exit from the European Union and therefore some uncertainty about the likely impact on business.  Aberdeenshire Council is committed to supporting businesses in the North East through any period of change resulting from the EU referendum. We will be working closely with the Scottish Government to provide information and guidance and, over the next few years, will work to reduce any uncertainty businesses may face. The Scottish Government has now launched a web page created to provide reliable and up to date information on how the result of the referendum may impact businesses in Scotland. The page also has a form where you can ask the questions that matter to you and your business.

For more information visit the EU Referendum Service website 

Your business and the EU Referendum:  You can get reliable, relevant and up-to-date information, and submit questions on the website - a single point of contact for businesses in Scotland.